Wooden Plaid Christmas Tree DIY Craft

Last week I put together the simplest and cutest Christmas Tree craft!

I promise these little trees are easy enough for anybody to make. With the right materials, you can add an adorable plaid pattern to any surface you like in a cinch.


Plaid Christmas Tree Materials:


Here is the wooden tree I bought at Hobby Lobby. It’s basically wood slats glued onto a flat wooden board, which is then glued to a wooden stand. Honestly, if you’re good with wood, you could make one of these in a snap! Or, if you wanna skip the carpentry step, just grab one for $4.99 from Hobby Lobby, like I did 🙂

For one tree, you want to paint your white paint on the front of each of the “tree” slats. This white will be the background of your plaid pattern. The second tree you can leave just raw wood.

I used the Redesign with Prima Red Gingham Transfer to add the plaid design onto each slat.

For each slat, cut off a piece of the transfer to fit. Then, peel back the wax paper and apply, sticky-side down, to the wooden slat. The red plaid design can go on your unpainted tree, and the white plaid design over the tree you painted in white.

Using the wooden tool that comes with each transfer, rub the design onto the wood. I wrapped the transfer just a bit around the edge of each slat, but not all the way around.  Then carefully peel back the top piece of clear plastic, leaving just the transfer behind. And you’re done!

If you have never worked with a transfer, I did a video using one a while back that walks you through the whole process! You can see that in this video from my YouTube Channel

After you finish applying the transfer to all of the slats, you can finish off each tree by painting the base, back and side edges with your black paint.


All Finished!

Aren’t they cute! And like I said–using the transfer makes it so easy to get that pattern onto the wood, no painting required 🙂

You can apply Redesign transfers to any clean, flat surface.  So if you have wooden birdhouses, trays, or signs, those can become plaid too! Or of course, you can use them to embellish your furniture, mirrors, old windows–really the possibilities are endless.


There is also a Black Gingham Transfer design, if you want to try a different plaid. 

What else do you think you could make with these transfers? I would love to hear!

You can see ALL of the Redesign with Prima designs I have in stock here, in my online shop.

Thanks for stopping by with me today!